8 key features of perfect riding tights

8 key features of perfect riding tights

Before designing our riding tights, we wanted to define what features make the best riding leggings. We researched global brands of riding tights and looked at countless styles of jodphurs, breeches and riding leggings. Most importantly we asked equestrians what they love the most about their favourite riding tights and competition breeches.

Then, our brilliant designer Kevin Chen applied fashion nous, colour insights and fabric knowledge to create what we believe are New Zealand's most beautiful comfortable and stylish riding tights.

Our Riding Tights key features

Beautiful fabric

Choosing a truly great fabric is 90% of the battle when creating great riding tights. The perfect riding tight fabric is thick enough to offer comfortable protection, thin enough to breathe, cool in summer, warm in winter, silky enough to prevent rubbing and abrasion, stretchy enough to adapt to the rider's body but firm enough to flatter and stay smooth - as well as, crucially, being taut enough to prevent creases that can rub and irritate.

We found that fabric! Saddle & Canter riding tights are made with smooth 4-way stretch, breathable quick dry comfortable fabric, that hugs the leg and is soft on your skin.

Vibrantly beautiful classic hues

Not only are our riding tights made with the ideal fabric, they are available in a truly stunning (and growing) range of colours to suit every rider and their horse!

Our competition jodhpurs feature a gold icon logo on the rear, and the riding tights have an inspirational quote on the phone pocket.

Classy show breeches

Our horse show apparel range wouldn't be complete without show breeches in snow white and 'sand' - a classic English beige jodhpur colour which is also perfect for the hunt field. These beautiful high waisted competition breeches for women and children feature our trademark silicone pattern for a secure seat in the ring, but don't have a phone pocket - instead they feature hip pockets at the front and faux pocket flaps at the back for classic style without bulky lines.

Stylish silicone

With silicone, there can be 'too much of a good thing'! Too much grip and your riding tights will adhere to the saddle independently of your movement, too little stickability and the 'grip' can quickly turn to 'slip'!

Saddle & Canter riding tights have gorgeous mini logos as the silicone pattern, adding style and panache to already beautiful riding leggings. But more importantly our silicone pattern is tried and tested to add grip, without 'stick'. This is an example of when safety and style collide.

Belt loops

Add a fashionable belt for style, or to secure your child's riding tights as they grow into the waist! We are all different shapes and having belt loops lets riders of any age add a belt to complete their look; or to improve the fit of their riding tights if they have a less conventional figure, or are mid-growth spurt.

Phone pockets

An essential feature for modern equestrians, a deep secure pocket on the thigh of these riding tights keeps your phone handy and safe regardless of whether you are riding alone on a distant beach or in the show jumping arena. 

What's more, one of your pockets will feature words of inspiration to encourage and empower!

Flattering lines

This is where working with a top fashion designer pays off! Kevin knows just where to place a seam to flatter and enhance a woman rider's legs, while Jodi knows how the lines should run to avoid inner leg seams that could rub on the saddle.

Faux rear pockets

The addition of feature 'pockets' to the back of our show breeches is a design feature to distract the eye and add detail. On children's show jodphurs this is simply a design element that adds an attractive detail but for women, the competition breeches back pockets also help flatter the rider's figure.

'Sock' style hems

This simple feature can make all the difference with riding tights! A sleek fitting lower leg is created with a small insert of soft stretch fabric to avoid bulk inside your riding boots. Comfort and convenience, tick!


We completely believe in our classic riding tights, and we hope you will love them too!  

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