Breezy Summer Horse Riding

Breezy Summer Horse Riding

Summer is a beautiful time to go horse riding - the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the mud is a distant memory. But with the heavenly weather comes sun burn risk and sweat. If you're tempted to ride in shorts and singlet for longer than a casual bareback ride in the field you'll regret it, but if you rug up against the sun and stirrup leathers you'll risk expiring in the heat... right?

We're here to revolutionise your summer riding!

Saddle & Canter riding leggings are made from high quality UV protective fabric with a firm-feel 4-way stretch for comfort and a smooth 'no-rub' finish. It's also silky cool to the touch, quick dry and breathable. 

Our equestrian baselayers are made from a similar fabric with all the same features, in a slightly lighter weight for even more cool breathability!

Our ladies horse show shirts look elegant and feature special design details like lace shoulder panels, pearly buttons, or small ruffles at the neck, but they are also all made from breathable, quick dry fabric for practical comfort alongside classic equestrian fashion appeal.

Our Young Rider range of horse riding clothing for children is all made in the same cool, breathable, quick dry fabrics as our ladies equestrian apparel. Kids need to be able to concentrate on the fun of horse riding and their delicate skin needs great protection from the sun. 

Cool, collected & eminently stylish in the saddle

Riding in cool comfort means you can concentrate on the fun and skill of riding your horse, rather than the frustration and heat of exercise in the summer sun!

As well as choosing the right equestrian outfit, we have a few additional tips for riding in the summer heat too.

These ones are for you:

1. Hydrate!

If you are riding in an arena, pop a steel drink bottle on the rail and top up as needed. If you're heading out on a trail ride, have a good drink before hand, and again afterward - don't wait until you get home.

2. Helmet.

If you can, choose a helmet with a decent brim as sunblock only goes so far - shade is better protection.

3. Socks.

Invest in some cool riding socks for summer. You won't regret having less warmth on your feet!

4. Shade.

Find a few shady forest trails to explore in summer and spend some time under the shade of the trees. If you're riding in full sun, don't hesitate to take any chance to rest a few minutes in a cool spot when you find one. It's a great time to catch your breath and give your horse a cool break.

And, these summer riding tips are for your horse!

Remember that exercising in the heat is a physical stressor for your horse, and they are working harder than you.

1. Hydration.

Ensure they have plenty of access to water before and after your ride, take it with you if you will be out and about. 

2. Salt.

Be sure that your horses have adequate salt to replace what they sweat out. A salt lick may not be enough through the summer months.

3. Pack for success.

For competitions, trails or trips where your horse will be away from home for a few hours, consider what they will need to stay hydrated and nourished in the heat. This may include water, feed, Poseidon's Stress Paste to help their cells retain water and to line their stomachs, snacks (heard of Precision Equine's protein bars for horses?) and time to graze. 

4. Shade & Breezes.

Tie up in the shade, give them time to cool down before loading into the float to go home, open all the vents and the back of the float when they travel. 

Braiding a thick mane in a running braid is a nice way to keep the heat off your horse's neck and let them enjoy any breeze too.

5. Wash down after riding.

If you wash your horse down after a hot ride, remember they actually cool faster if you scrape them down too as the water can create an insulating layer on a very hot horse and hold the heat against them. 


With shade sense and cool clothing, you'll have a brilliant summer of riding and so will your horse! We hope you enjoy all the fun of an equestrian summer.