What makes great Horse Riding Clothes for Children?

What makes great Horse Riding Clothes for Children?

Especially when you're young, horses are a grand, magical adventure! And every adventurer needs the right outfit.

Children riding at shows need comfortable, safe clothing that looks great and makes them feel bullet-proof! Children training with their ponies need to be comfortable enough to concentrate fully on the job at hand, and when our kids are out on the trail or playing with their horse, nothing should get in the way of the joy.

Here's why we believe that Saddle & Canter's children's riding clothing is the best in New Zealand... or anywhere in the world!

Young Rider Checklist

We asked children who ride horses what they like about Saddle & Canter equestrian clothing for kids. After all, they are the experts.

 Comfortable to ride in

Our riding tights for kids have no inner leg seam to chafe and rub. Our kids riding range is all expertly sewn for flat seams and non-scratchy edges. The riding tights have a 'sock' feature at the ankle to make them sit smoothly inside riding boots.

 Looks stylish and cool

Because our Young Rider range is designed to mimic our women's range, all the designs are the latest equestrian fashion, ready to take your small person from home to the beach to the show ring in classic style.

 Helps keep me safe

The silicone grip on our children's riding tights gives just the right level of stickability - without adhering to the saddle at the wrong time! And all our clothing is designed without 'sticky-outy-catchy-bits' that could get caught on something.

 Doesn't make me hot and grumpy

Our breathable fabric was a must-have for our adult customers too. Horse riding is hot work and riding clothes need to feel breezy cool in summer and give just a little warmth and wind-protection in winter. Our quick dry fabric is firm and silky to the touch, and delivers on cooler riding style.

 Looks great on boys too

We love that especially our Young Rider riding tights, classic children's baselayers and riding polos look fantastic on boys too. They've been boy-tested and passed with flying colours. 

 Last for a long time

You bet. Our  Young Rider range is the same extra high quality as our women's range, with resilient, stain resistant, low fade fabric and high quality stitching. We're parents too and we know how expensive it can be to fit our growing kids in new clothes, let alone when you have clothes wear out quickly. Our children's riding clothing is designed to outlast the years they fit them, and be passed on to younger friends!


Sound good? Check out our Young Rider Range of children's riding clothing now.